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DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme is a way for vehicle operators to prove their fleet operation meets driver and vehicle safety standards.

Through the use of a DVSA-approved IT system, data is shared with the DVSA based on key performance indicators. These sets of KPIs ensure that compliance and safety requirements are met, reducing the chance of your vehicles being stopped for roadside inspections.

Prolius is recognised as an approved IT supplier for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.


DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme aims to reduce the burden of enforcement on Operators that have a strong track record of compliance and adherence to the regulatory requirements.

The Prolius fleet management platform integrates with the DVSA to automatically update and maintain audited compliance systems by allowing the DVSA access to real-time vehicle and driver data.

If you have our DVSA feature enabled, Prolius tracks specific KPIs and automatically reports them to the DVSA on a periodic basis.

  • Quickly measure compliance set by the DVSA making it easier to achieve Earned Recognition status, meet targets and seamlessly share audit data with the DVSA.
  • All your vehicle records and data are securely stored in a single platform, instantly accessible from any location at any time.
  • Automatically send KPIs directly to the DVSA, pre-configured in the approved format for Earned Recognition, eliminating unnecessary paperwork.
  • View the real-time status of your DVSA KPIs such as inspections, repairs and MOT pass rates.
  • Easily identify issues that may cause compliance failures so they can be easily rectified.
  • Set alerts to be instantly notified of MOTs, service checks and safety inspection reminders.
  • Achieve DVSA KPIs - including safety inspection records, driver defect reporting, MOTs for vehicles, driver activity, driver behaviour and infringements.


Manage a more compliant fleet operation by integrating with the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme.

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