Real-time vehicle tracking for effective fleet management

Significantly transform and optimise your fleet operations using advanced vehicle telematics and driver insights.

Manage a more efficient fleet operation using vehicle telematics

The Prolius Fleet vehicle telematics system is designed to monitor your fleet in real-time providing you with valuable data to make more informed decisions, in an instant.

Vehicle & journey tracking
Live map
Driver behaviour
Zones & geo-fencing
Key locations & points of interest
Route optimisation
Real-time insights
GPS hardware & devices

A detailed account of live and historical journeys conducted by your fleet of vehicles.

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Live visibility of your vehicles in real-time using GPS data location tracking.

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Monitor your fleet behaviour by tracking key driver incidents including speeding, braking, idling and more.

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Create virtual zones to track activity within geo-fenced locations. Trigger alerts and get notified about key incidents.

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Add and highlight points of interest across your operational map. Monitor vehicle activity close to key locations.

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Plan your routes in advance to improve productivity and efficiency of your fleet operations to help reduce costs.

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Gain valuable data driven insights in real-time allowing for better understanding of your fleet operations so you can make more informed decisions.

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Track and monitor your vehicles and assets using a range of hardware devices to suit your needs.

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Vehicle & journey tracking

With instant access to valuable information using real-time GPS location tracking, you can manage and better coordinate your drivers and vehicles to deliver a more efficient fleet operation and enhanced customer satisfaction.

GPS location tracking

Live GPS location tracking to provide greater visibility of your drivers and fleet activity. View all of your vehicles on a live map and monitor events in real-time.

Journey analysis

View detailed plotted timelines showing complete journey information. Review and analyse key incidents, events and other journey related data.

Improved coordination

Easily coordinate your fleet and assign jobs to the nearest vehicles whilst ensuring the most efficient routes are taken to reduce fuel consumption.

Live map

Using real-time GPS location data, the live map allows you to keep track of your vehicles and assets, whether they are stationary or in motion, giving you full visibility of your fleet at all times.

Easily view vehicles, driver statuses, locations and other useful journey information or gain a more detailed live satellite overview for in-depth tracking insights.

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Route optimisation

By planning more fuel-efficient routes, route optimisation allows your business to run more efficiently. Reduce overall time and cost, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction.

As part of route optimisation, Prolius Fleet creates a bespoke algorithm that takes into account a number of factors that could impact on a journey. The data is then processed to achieve the most efficient course of action, with final routes and schedules easily communicated to your fleet of drivers.

Optimal routes can be calculated using data based on :

Size of fleet
Vehicle and driver capabilities or limitations
Number of deliveries or tasks
Location of deliveries or tasks
Specific customer requirements

Through tracking driver routes and location, users can easily benefit from route optimisation capabilities.

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Real-time insights

Increase operational efficiency using valuable, actionable insights captured through the Prolius telematics system.

Driver behaviour, vehicle locations, fuel consumption, journey tracking and vehicle checks all provide valuable sources of information and data to enable greater understanding of the performance of your fleet and drivers in real-time.

Insights can be transferred to help overall fleet performance including :

Reduced fuel consumption
Increased driver safety
Monitoring vehicle health checks
Improved vehicle sustainability
Accurate vehicle tracking in real-time

This data is transformed into actionable decisions to enable a more productive and efficient fleet.

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Driver behaviour

Use valuable insights to identify areas for improving driver safety, reducing fuel costs and increasing efficiency, through continuous monitoring of driving behaviour and activity.

  • Driver behaviour scores

    Engage and empower drivers to address their driving performance based around a range of driving behaviour metrics.

    Performance data is transferred into driving scores showing where driving may be considered unsafe or dangerous. Use data to identify drivers who could benefit from additional training and support to improve their driving technique.

  • Improve driver safety

    Build a successful driver safety culture across your whole fleet by developing standards to measure driver performance and promote driver safety. Monitor incidents and events in real-time; including harsh braking, cornering, speeding, engine idling and acceleration to improve driving standards across your fleet.

  • Evaluate performance

    Evaluate driver performance using tangible metrics. Create business targets by standardising safety and efficiency scores to allow you to analyse and segment scoring data across specific drivers, vehicles and journeys.

Zones & geo-fencing

Easily define and create custom boundaries around designated geographical zones to monitor driver and vehicle activity in those areas.

Receive alerts and notifications in real-time, based on zone activity such as vehicles entering and exiting predefined areas or any movement when crossing geo-fence boundaries.

Key locations & points of interest

Set up and categorise key locations and points of interest across your operational map.

Pre-defining custom locations allows you to view and establish key locations and designated areas, such as supplier sites, internal depots and warehouses and customer site addresses, so that you can easily identify where these areas are geographically and plan jobs more efficiently.

Alerts & notifications

Get real-time information about your fleet and vehicles, so you can take immediate action. The Prolius Alert Centre captures a number of system triggered alerts which can be customised for regular monitoring across your fleet operations and sent instantly to your desktop or mobile device for immediate action.

  • FNOL (First Notification Of Loss)

    Receive instant alerts when accidents and incidents occur while your vehicles are on the road. Instantly assess the level of response required depending on the type of incident.

  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes )

    Manage your fleet more effectively when a vehicle receives a DTC code. Easily identify and interpret the issue when an alert is received, allowing you to address the severity of the vehicle’s fault and establish the best immediate repair solution.

Cameras, equipment monitoring & accessories

Using advanced GPS technology and a range of devices, live vehicle positions, historical journeys and in depth vehicle data are recorded within the Prolius fleet telematics system.

Cameras & dashcams
Asset & equipment monitoring
Accessories & add ons

A range of multi-camera systems and dashcams designed to improve road safety and reduce accident rates. Our camera solutions meet Direct Vision Standard, FORS and CLOCS standards, providing compliant hardware across LGVs, HGVs, coaches and buses.

Track and monitor your plant hire and equipment more effectively using telematics. Our asset tracking solution will help you improve productivity, whilst reducing costs of hiring unused assets.

Our hardware products and accessories are compatible with most commercial vehicles - many supported by optional additions such as dallas keys, RFID cards and fobs, light bar integration and Power Take-Off (PTO) monitoring.

Driver ID & recognition

Use RFID cards or dallas key fobs for quick and easy login and driver identification. Keep a track of who is driving each of your vehicles and record their routes and driving behaviour.

Hardware installation

Prolius Fleet provides both a professional and self installation solution for your fleet. All devices are activated and fully supported post installation offering end-to-end service provision.

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