Digitise your daily vehicle inspections and streamline the defect management process

Easily inspect vehicles, report defects and review vehicle maintenance in real-time using Prolius Fleet.

Stay compliant and keep your fleet moving

Simplify vehicle inspections and track the defect management process with a complete end-to-end audit trail.

Vehicle walkaround checks
Vehicle take out & return
Customisable checklists
Image capture
Defect management
Alerts & notifications

Digitise daily inspections to eliminate paperwork, ensure vehicles are fully compliant and address issues immediately.

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Conduct comprehensive daily checks prior to taking out a vehicle or upon return, using the driver’s mobile app.

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Report vehicle defects using customised checklists that suit your business needs.

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Capture and upload photos and descriptions as part of your defect reporting process.

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End-to-end defect management to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and compliant.

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Set up and receive automated alerts and reports.

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From vehicle inspection to defect resolution

Simplify the process of inspecting, reporting and tracking defects through to resolution.

Driver conducts vehicle walkaround checks
Driver logs any defect and captures image of defect
Vehicle is scheduled for repair
Repair is complete and checked against reported defect
Vehicle is fully roadworthy and compliant
Vehicle walkaround checks

Drivers can record and submit daily walkaround checks via a smartphone or tablet, creating a real-time audit trail for each vehicle.

The Prolius Fleet app allows drivers to:

Submit vehicle checks in real-time
Conduct daily vehicle walkaround checks from any location
Report defects
Perform and log vehicle safety inspections
Capture images and add notes to every check & incident
Manage the service and maintenance of vehicles
Review vehicle inspection history
Vehicle takeout & return

Easily manage vehicle activity from any location with the Prolius Fleet app (available on iOS and Android). Drivers can log when they take the vehicle out on the road or return it later that day, providing accurate location and vehicle status reporting.

Image & video defect capture

Our simple interface allows drivers to securely capture detailed information for every check and incident, including:

Images, video and notes
User information
GPS location
Date and timestamps

Digitally store and categorise your data to gain instant access to every defect recorded.

Customised checklists

We know that every fleet operation is different. That’s why Prolius Fleet provides the flexibility to create your own checklists to meet vehicle specific inspections criteria.

Easily add customised checklist questions to your vehicles and log all reported defects in one place. Take immediate action on reported defects whilst storing an auditable history of inspections for easy access.

Defect management

Discover, report and resolve vehicle defects with our comprehensive defect management system.

Simplified workflows

Streamlined communication and simplified workflows help to improve the defect resolution process between drivers, back office and workshops.

Defect resolution

Create maintenance events and schedules to easily manage repairs and get vehicles back on the road quicker.

Defect history

Historical reports of all completed inspections and defects are automatically added to a vehicle’s profile allowing for instant access to it's defect history.

Instant alerts & notifications

Get instant alerts and notifications when a defect is reported, an unroad­worthy vehicle goes on the road or when a journey has started without completing a vehicle walkaround check.

As soon as an alert is triggered, notifications are automatically sent to the relevant department for immediate action.

Notifications can also be integrated with telematics so that you receive alerts when your vehicles have moved, or entered geo-fenced locations.

Benefits of the Prolius Fleet vehicle check & defect management solution

Automate your processes to manage a more efficient fleet operation through:

  • Increased productivity

    Through a single centralised interface, streamline the inspection process and reduce vehicle downtime.

  • Improved safety

    Reduce the risk of accidents and improve vehicle safety through efficient tracking and reporting.

  • Visible audit trail

    Record and store all information relating to every inspection for a complete and comprehensive audit trail.

  • Eliminate paperwork

    Going digital reduces admin time and eliminates the need for time-consuming paper-based reporting.

  • Real-time reporting

    Get instantly notified of any defects in order to take immediate action and quickly get vehicles safely back on the road.

  • DVSA compliance

    As part of the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme, vehicles are required to meet set KPIs to ensure they are always safe on the road.


Prolius Fleet is proud to be recognised as a DVSA
approved IT Supplier

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes. Prolius Fleet offers a fully managed solution to help you manage your fleet operations more effectively.

No, not at all. Prolius Fleet and Workforce are web-based and run in the cloud. We work across all the main web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. We also have a mobile app that runs on iOS and Android devices.

Yes. Prolius Fleet is fully GDPR compliant. For further details on how your data is managed please refer to our Privacy Policy.