Our story

Prolius was born in August 2021 to automate and improve operational efficiency within fleet and task management.

Following initial trials, extensive feature enhancements and product iterations, Prolius has evolved into an enterprise-level software application that caters to some of the largest companies in the United Kingdom.

As a pioneering operations platform, Prolius provides a B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that allows companies to manage and improve fleet and task management.

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Initial Launch
The challenge

Working in tandem with key clients across different industries, our initial research reaffirmed our belief that our services were helping to address a problem that many businesses encountered on a daily basis.

In particular, we found that:

  • Tools and processes are fragmented and ineffective across fleet and mobile workforce operations.
  • There is an inability for businesses to scale with speed (often due to antiquated and legacy systems).
  • A lack of data insight is hindering business growth and their ability to make informed decisions in real-time.
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The opportunity

A large number of businesses were (and still are) using paper-based exercises or spreadsheets to manage their operations. Furthermore, inconsistencies existed among various tools, processes, and systems, frequently resulting in incomplete data and a lack of confidence when reporting against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Old legacy systems and disjointed methods of practice have been a key problem area for many companies, therefore, unable to gain a true and complete view from across their entire business operations.

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Our findings

We quickly learnt that the world of fleet and workforce management could do with a major technological overhaul.

Our research uncovered key insights and knowledge that has enabled us to develop a truly industry-leading software application that now manages all fleet and workforce activity from a single consolidated and unified platform.

We offer dedicated account management supported by first class customer service levels. Our strong software engineering background has played both a key role in our exponential company growth, allowing Prolius to provide a seamless integrated approach to resolving operational problems.

Our experience and agile approach to technology has allowed us to build, integrate and scale at great speed. Our products are built in line with customer demands, they are integrated with both new and legacy software systems and provisioned with security and scalability at its very core.

Prolius is a truly unified end-to-end solution. It provides a simple one-stop-shop to manage all operational processes, with the continual ability to optimise and improve performance through the use of real-time data capture and analysis.

  • skanska
  • yw
  • gridserve
  • exolum
  • mgroup
  • icl

Headquartered in London, Prolius provides software to businesses across a range of industry sectors.

Working closely with some of the UK’s leading companies, Prolius was able to identify the common business challenges and provide a unique, innovative and technological approach to problem resolution.

Our company is now trusted by the likes of Skanska, Yorkshire Water and M Group Services (to name but a few) and services over 30k vehicles, 100k assets and has processed over 3m jobs to date.

Our mission
Our mission is to be the best at Global fleet and workforce management, delivering data-driven efficiencies, insights and accelerated operational performance.
Let Prolius help you transform your business.
Streamline your operations and improve business productivity.