Automate your driver licence checking process

Everything is automated and fully integrated as part of our fleet management platform, meaning less paperwork and quicker turnarounds.

Driver licence checking

With Prolius Fleet driver checks, there’s no need to complete paper forms, or process manual checks to validate your driver licence checks.

Full driver licence check
Automate your checks
Digital declaration
Licence check history
Alerts and licence renewal notifications
Driver licence checking throughout the UK
DVSA recognised IT supplier

Check for detailed licence information - including vehicle eligibility, penalty points or disqualifications.

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Configure your licence checks to run automatically based on driver criteria.

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Streamline your driver mandate process by digitising your paperwork.

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Capture and display a detailed record of completed licence checks.

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Receive automated alerts when a licence or mandate is due for renewal.

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A comprehensive coverage across multiple countries and regions.

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Easily integrate and comply with the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme.

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Benefits of your licence check automation

Automating your driver licence checking process can offer your fleet business a wide range of benefits.

Using an integrated tool to manage your licence checks improves operational efficiency by reducing the need to navigate and switch between multiple platforms. Streamlining manual process also minimises errors, whilst centralising and consolidating your data in one place.

Reduce the risk of driver’s driving a motor vehicle whilst disqualified by automating licence checks based on their risk profile. Configure your licence check criteria based on points and driving status to ensure you keep on top of penalty points and potential driver disqualifications.

The Prolius driver licence feature allows you to proactively monitor and manage your driver licence information including the expiry of licences or e-declaration mandates. This provides you with confidence that your driver licences are always up to date by sending you automatic alerts when any of your key information is due for renewal.
Full driver licence check

Assess the validity and status of a driver's licence. Ensure that all of your drivers hold a valid licence by automating regular checks with driving authorities to confirm that an individual's licence is legitimate and meets the necessary requirements for the vehicle that they are permitted to drive.

Automate your checks

Automating driver licence checks provides a range of advantages. It streamlines the process, making it more efficient and reduces the administrative burden associated with manual checks.

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards while being cost-effective, saving on labour and operational costs.

Automated checks will lead to enhanced timeliness and responsiveness, whilst also promoting safer driving practices by enabling regular monitoring and swift action when necessary, benefiting both employers and road safety.

Digital declaration

Prolius provides a fully integrated digital declaration process that automates the signing of driver licence mandates. As part of our user onboarding process, our mandates are sent to a driver in a digital format.

The digital mandate process ensures that drivers can easily access your driver declaration and other important terms and conditions; allowing your business to remain legally compliant and capturing explicit content via an online process.

Licence check history

Efficient data management and record-keeping are facilitated, creating comprehensive audit trails. Ultimately, automating driver licence checks promotes safer driving practices by enabling regular monitoring and swift action when necessary.

Alerts and licence renewal notifications

Never let your team overlook a driver licence expiry or mandate renewal again. Stay organised by receiving proactive email alerts and notifications. Drivers can also receive reminders for when their licence or mandate is due to expire.

Our automation process improves the accuracy of your checks by minimising the potential for human error in verifying your licence information.

Driver licence checking throughout the UK

The Prolius driver licence check uses services provided by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency) and DVANI (Driver & Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland), to allow you to perform integrated driver licence checks for all your drivers in the United Kingdom.

DVSA Recognised IT Supplier

Prolius are a recognised IT supplier for the DVSA, who provide an earned recognition scheme that enables vehicle operators to seamlessly monitor and adhere to driver and vehicle standards through an integrated software solution.

Our platform integrates with services provided by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) and entitles us, with your driver’s permission, to run regular driver licence checks. Our service is fully compliant with requirements of the DVLA and the Data Protection Act.

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What’s included in a check?

Prolius provide a fully integrated driver licence checking service which includes:

Full driver licence check
Driver licence status and entitlement to drive
Check history
Up to date information
Driver licence validity and expiry dates
Current endorsements and points on the driving licence
Driver disqualifications
Eligible vehicle categories (including provisional vehicles)
Want to automate your driver licence checking?
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