Increase productivity whilst keeping your vehicles safe on the road

Easily track and manage all aspects of your fleet vehicle maintenance - from scheduling and administration through to workshop bookings and repair.

Streamline your vehicle maintenance and planning

Simplifying maintenance processes can lead to increased safety and productivity as your vehicles spend less time off the road for repairs.

Maintenance scheduling & administration
Fleet planning & visibility
Book & schedule events
Automated event creation (PMI)
Maintenance event notifications
12-month schedule
Full service records & history
Digital worksheets
Workshop maintenance

Understand the key benefits of maintenance scheduling and administration.

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Easily view and prioritise all of your service and maintenance events.

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Schedule and book your maintenance events with workshops and mechanics.

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Automate your service inspections and planned maintenance events.

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Keep informed on forthcoming maintenance events via proactive notifications.

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View a snapshot of your maintenance schedule for the next 12-months.

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Keep a complete and detailed service history of your vehicles and assets.

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Replace traditional paper maintenance records with digital worksheets.

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Allocate, manage and view repairs and servicing with external workshops and suppliers.

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Maintenance scheduling & administration

Simplifying your maintenance scheduling and administration processes can offer a range of benefits for fleet managers.

Ensure that your vehicle is in optimal working condition by reducing the risk of accidents and breakdowns due to mechanical failures. Adhering to maintenance schedules ensures compliance with legal and safety regulations, reducing the risk of fines or penalties.

Simplified maintenance schedules can help reduce downtime. By proactively addressing maintenance needs, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns that can disrupt your daily activities.

Streamlining maintenance processes can help reduce costs. By staying on top of regular maintenance tasks, you can catch and address issues before they become major and expensive problems.
Regular maintenance can also extend the lifespan of your vehicle - which means you can get more value from your investment and delay the need for costly vehicle replacement.

Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and air filter replacement, can improve fuel efficiency and save you money on fuel costs. Regular checks can also lead to lower emissions and a reduced environmental impact by producing fewer harmful emissions.

Proactively address and prevent issues before they become major problems. This can help to improve the safety of your fleet by reducing the likelihood of vehicle breakdowns.
Fleet planning & visibility

Planning has never been easier. View and prioritise all of your service and maintenance events for your entire fleet using the Prolius fleet maintenance calendar.

All maintenance inspections, service schedules and bookings can be easily viewed for past and forthcoming events in a simple, easy-to-use calendar (or list) format.

Book & schedule events

Schedule and book your maintenance events with workshops and mechanics. The Prolius platform allows you to view, manage and update your events using our easy-to-use admin console.

Our system provides a simple traffic light system so that you can easily visualise the urgency of forthcoming maintenance events, so that you can prioritise your vehicle schedule.

Automated event creation

Improve the efficiency of managing your fleet maintenance by automating service inspections and planned maintenance events.

Automating your event processes allows you to tailor your maintenance schedule to your specific needs. With Prolius you can automatically generate new maintenance events based on pre-set dates and event completion. For example, the platform can be easily configured to automatically generate PMI events to occur at 6 week intervals.

Maintenance event notifications

Ensure that your team never misses a maintenance event again. Keep organised by staying on top of your fleet maintenance tasks by receiving automatic email and desktop notifications. Drivers also receive maintenance event reminders through their driver mobile app.

Proactive reminders help to ensure that your vehicles are always scheduled on time, leading to the improved health and safety of your fleet. Alerts can also be configured to be sent to all relevant departments or specific users, so that they are kept up-to-date and informed about upcoming maintenance events at all times.

12-month schedule

Plan all of your maintenance events well in advance. Gain a full view of your maintenance tasks and inspections through a simple 12-month schedule.

View an instant snapshot of your planned activity across your fleet vehicles, plant equipment and assets - including PMIs, MOTs, ADR, annual service, LOLER, compressor service and many more.

Full service records & history

Keep a detailed and comprehensive record of your service inspections, repairs and costs for all of your fleet vehicles and assets - including:

Full history of planned and unplanned maintenance events.
Record of bookings and workshop assignment.
Tracking of scheduled, booked and completion dates.
Easy and instant access to stored service documentation, maintenance worksheets, images and invoices.
Improved record-keeping for warranty claims, insurance purposes, or audits.
Digital worksheets

Replace your traditional paper maintenance records with digital worksheets, accessible via mobile or tablet devices.

Digital worksheets will allow you to capture and view your maintenance records in real-time, whilst removing potential errors and mistakes often caused through manual processes.

Turn your data into valuable insights to increase the efficiency of your maintenance operation, keeping vehicles on the road for longer and reducing overall fleet running costs. Your digital data can also be easily analysed to provide your business with accurate and detailed reports.

Workshop maintenance

Easily assign and track repair orders and service maintenance to your designated suppliers. Gain real-time visibility of the maintenance workflow and reduce the time vehicles are kept off the road.

Schedule, book and track maintenance events
Utilise internal or 3rd party workshops
Digitise your maintenance worksheets
Safely store your documents online
Easy auditing and retrieval of records
Gain valuable maintenance data and insights
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