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Thomas Hardie plans its electric future with Geotab and The EV Café


Enhancing Fleet Performance and Sustainability: Geotab's Innovative Solutions Transform Commercial Vehicle Operations

In today's logistics and fleet management sector, efficiency and sustainability are more than buzzwords—they're essential components of competitive strategy and operational viability. Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, continues to demonstrate its capability to revolutionise fleet management through advanced telematics solutions. This is clearly illustrated in the success stories of two of its clients: Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd. and Hoppenbrouwers Techniek.

Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd.: Driving Safety and Efficiency with Geotab

Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd., a prominent Volvo Truck and Bus dealer in the North West of England, faced challenges common in the transport industry—ensuring optimal fleet safety, efficiency, and compliance. The company sought a solution that could not only enhance operational control but also deliver real-time data insights. Geotab's fleet management solutions provided the answer.

By integrating Geotab’s telematics devices, Thomas Hardie was able to gain a comprehensive view of their fleet operations. The data collected ranged from vehicle location to driver behaviour, including speed, idling, and braking patterns. This information proved invaluable for the company, enabling them to:

  • Improve Driver Behaviour:

    Geotab's solution included driver feedback and coaching tools that encouraged safer driving practices. This not only reduced the risk of accidents but also minimised wear and tear on vehicles.

  • Enhance Fuel Efficiency:

    By monitoring idling times and optimising routes, Thomas Hardie could significantly cut fuel consumption, thus lowering operational costs and environmental impact..

  • Ensure Compliance:

    The telematics data helped ensure that drivers adhered to work hours regulations, thereby maintaining compliance with industry standards.

The results were tangible. Thomas Hardie noted a marked improvement in fleet efficiency and driver safety, leading to reduced operational costs and enhanced service reliability.

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