The benefits of DVSA compliance for your fleet

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If you operate a commercial fleet, it is possible that your vehicles could be stopped for a roadside vehicle check by the DVSA.

These checks are carried out to determine whether the vehicle is breaking any rules or regulations with the aim of keeping unsafe vehicles off the road and can result in significant downtime when trying to keep your business running.

What exactly is the DVSA earned recognition scheme?

The role of the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency, otherwise known as the DVSA, is to uphold safety on the road by ensuring vehicles are adequately maintained.

When it comes to operating a fleet of vehicles it is key that you remain compliant with the DVSA as part of your fleet’s preventative maintenance programme.

The free-to-join, earned recognition scheme is aimed at vehicle operators to manage their own compliance and prove that their fleet meets driver and vehicle safety standards, reducing the chance of being stopped for roadside inspections.

As road safety should be the top priority for all vehicle operators, the scheme is an ideal way to demonstrate their fleet’s compliance by sharing data with the DVSA digitally, allowing them to easily identify compliant and non-compliant vehicles in a more efficient and transparent manner.

Who is eligible to join the scheme?

As the scheme is a way to ‘self-monitor’ for performance and safety standards, there are some key eligibility criteria which need to be met in order to join the scheme:

  • Operator licence - you must have held an HGV or public service operator licence for a minimum of 2 years
  • Digital management system - have a robust DVSA-approved digital management system in place which can monitor the Earned Recognition KPIs ( vehicle maintenance & driver’s activity ) and automatically report to DVSA if KPIs aren’t being met
  • Regulatory action - have had no regulatory action (other than a warning)  by a traffic commissioner against your operator licence during the last two years
  • Compliance history - have a proven track record of good compliance with driver and vehicle standards 

What are the benefits of DVSA compliance for your fleet?

One of the most significant advantages of achieving DVSA earned recognition status is the time and money it can save your organisation.

Fewer roadside checks will result in less downtime for your vehicle which in turn prevents financial loss. Proving compliance with DVSA regulations will also boost your reputation and give you an advantage over competitors.

As an operator with DVSA-earned recognition, you will receive numerous benefits: 

- Be acknowledged as an exemplary operator, and be able to prove this when you bid for contracts

- Become recognised as a DVSA-approved operator on the GOV.UK website

- Be less likely to have your vehicles stopped at the roadside for inspections

- Use of the DVSA Earned Recognition logo on your website and other promotional material as proof of compliance

- Direct access to the DVSA Earned Recognition business team for any enquiries or support

- Automatically record and submit KPIs to the DVSA every 4 weeks

- Be able to bid for certain, select contracts

- Gain access to exclusive best practice DVSA workshops, events and information services

- Reassurance that key performance indicators (KPIs) are achieved and data is readily available

- Reduced DVSA enforcement visits to your premises

How Prolius Fleet can help your fleet achieve DVSA compliance

In order to achieve earned recognition status, a requirement is to have the necessary IT systems in place for tracking and reporting on the relevant KPIs. 

As an approved IT supplier for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, the Prolius Fleet management system, allows you to seamlessly share audit data with the DVSA; demonstrating that your fleet meets the latest compliance to keep your fleet moving and safe on the road.

Schedule a demo or get in touch to find out more about keeping your fleet compliant.

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