As one of the world’s leading liquid logistics companies, Exolum operates Europe’s largest network of refined products dedicated to the transport and storage of a wide range of bulk liquids, specifically refined products, chemicals and bi-fuels.

With more than 90 years experience innovating within the energy sector, Exolum is committed to minimising the environmental impact of their activities in a sustainable and efficient manner. Within the UK, they manage an extensive infrastructure network comprising 2,000 kilometres of oil pipelines and 24 liquid fuel storage terminals with a capacity of more than 2.5 million cubic metres.

With such an extensively active fleet in operation, Exolum also provides liquid fuel storage and transportation services to several military facilities as well as some of the UK’s major international airports, and as such has become the main fuel pipeline and storage facility network within the country.

“Prolius provides innovative and highly professional services to deliver software solutions to process problems. We are now able to manage our vehicles more efficiently while making substantial cost savings across all areas of our fleet operation.”
Exolum | Logistics
The Prolius Fleet solution

As part of a major modernisation programme of its infrastructure, Exolum decided to adopt the Prolius Fleet management system in order to maintain and gain complete visibility of their fleet operations - with the aim of improving safety, efficiency and reducing overall costs.

In order to maximise their fleet efficiency, Exolum has implemented all of the core modules available within the Prolius Fleet management platform. Through the enablement and integration of each feature, Exolum has ensured that their fleet operations work seamlessly together to provide an end-to-end view of fleet activity across the organisation.

Centralising Exolum’s fleet management

Exolum have successfully optimised their operations by enabling everyone involved within the organisation's fleet operations, from drivers and technicians to fleet managers and admin personnel, to access the tools and information they need through a centralised online fleet management solution.

The integration of the Prolius Fleet management platform within Exolum’s fleet services has digitally transformed many of the methods in which the business had previously operated their fleet management network; improving productivity and reducing vehicle down time.

Through the increased transparency and visibility of their vehicle maintenance they can now ensure that their vehicles stay on the road for longer.

The Results
  • Full DVSA compliancy
  • Reduced off road time
  • Provision of centralised access to vehicle reports and information
  • Significant cost reductions due to maximised vehicle availability and on-the-road time
  • Visibility of cost data information and financial analytics to improve budgeting leading to cost reduction
  • Full access to real-time and historical information providing a comprehensive reporting tool
  • Management and tracking of defects from creation and allocation, to discharged resolution status
  • End-to-end auditing trail for defect management
  • Streamlined planning and scheduling of vehicle maintenance and services
  • Simplified defect and vehicle check reporting processes
With Prolius, Exolum is able to manage their fleet efficiently while making substantial cost savings across all areas of their fleet operation.
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